Make Blog Template By Template Shaker

There are several ways to change the look of the blog design. Firstly by replacing the template, blogger templates provided either alone or from a third party (which can be downloaded from websites templates free and paid providers). We need to save or publish the template changes that have been selected. But if you are still not happy and want a change in certain parts of it can be done both ways, ie work especial template. How to change the script html, css or php it (programming language). If this is difficult or does not want to be bothered by the programming language, then there is a third way that is more prakits, by using free template creation services online. Some of the sites that can be used as is Psycho, The Column Layout, Pimp My Profile, Trix Template Generator. Here we can more freely design a blog template from start to finish. Ranging from the size, position, color and various knick-knacks template layout can be arranged like being free on the blank paper. Facilities for this is already available and also easy to use. And unique, so we finished the design template, html or css code is also directly available automatically. The code can be directly copied or saved to a file first html (notepad).


How to Create a Bootable Windows 8 With a USB stick

To create a bootable flash drive Windows 8 you need to have is
1. One USB Drive or Falshdisk fruit with minimum memory capacity of 4 GB
2. Application to create a bootable Flash Disk Windows 8 please

How Burning Windows 8 Using USB stick
Once you have the two points above the initial steps immediately persipkan to format your flash, then install the app to burn Windows 8 with FD to completion, for more details, I have persipkan figure 1 for the initial view after you run the Windows 7 USB DVD Tool


Tips on caring for computer

cara merawat komputer

Just like the body, the computer also needs maintenance in order to function properly for a long time. There are some basic care to know by the users to maximize computer performance. Here are some computer maintenance tips that can help you maintain your computer's performance:

Clean up your hard drive, Delete Data that is no longer needed!

The lack of hard drive space on your computer can cause problems in operating the computer, so it is important to clean and remove some of the data on a regular basis, especially those files that do not need. The data probably do not need include:

Download Windows 7 Monster x64 SP1 (3.4 GB) Mediafire

Monster is based on the Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 version of IiTz made ​​by Shane ™ and use the default language of U.S. English is a licensed 64-bit architecture 30-day period but can be made full use of activated using the Windows 7 Loader. You should know that there are some components that are removed in Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 such as Monster

Download Windows 7 Last Chaos SP1 x86

Windows 7 Last Chaos is built from the Windows version of Ultimate with Service Pack 1 with the last update in March 2012, Operation sisitem is quite good in appearance with a few Windows 7 themes are included such as Blade, Chrome & Black, City, Cyborg, Dark Vision, Infection , Majestic Metal, Nemesis, Pandorum, ROG V2, and many other windows 7 themes. At Last Chaos has also added some additional applications, including:

Free Download Winstep Nexus Ultimate 11.10 Full Version

Winstep Nexus Ultimate is an application to beautify your desktop, enhance desktop addition to many features that you can enjoy them with a single click
  1. Can run the application on the desktop with task grouping, filtering and customization options icon in each view. 
  2. Displays system tray icon on the desktop as a single or group. 
  3. Set the background staining with ease 
  4. Monitor active connections and bandwidth usage with Net Meter module. 
  5. Get the weather forecast more than 39,000 cities around the world. 


Tips to Overcome Computer That Can not Shutdown

The computer can not shutdown the computer alias do not want to die, is a very common problem. The most stress are those that include a beginner class. When trying to log off, restart, or shut down Windows-based computer does not respond and sometimes the shutdown process runs only half way and stops responding, so the computer is not really dead. That means you can not log off, can not restart, or shut down the computer could not. 
If you do not want to bother what causes it and want to solve this problem, perform the following steps:
1. Klik Start Menu -> Run -> ketik regedit
2. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control Panel -> Desktop
Double click on PowerOffActive and change its value to 1


Download Corel Draw X4 Portable

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4 is the most popular software in the design world. We have had many great individuals and companies who use this software in creating graphic design for business and create a design. Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4 is a solution in making the design of logos, illustrations, pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, magazines, web images, and many others depend on our skill in mastering this software, Corel Draw is an application design or vector-based graphics. Corel Draw X4 comes with several improvements and additions that will give a new spirit for you. Some new additions to simplify and speed up a project of the layout, edit photos up if the tracing of an image into a vector. Please download below.

Download Cool Edit Pro v 2.0 Full Crack

Cool Edit Pro v 2.0 is a software power-packed digital sound editor that is used for Windows-based PC. All the functions necessary to take projects from conception to completion audio included in the Cool Edit Pro. As knowledge Friend Gambus, all existing MP3 in this blog if we are using this program. Given this program is very simple and very easy operation, then moved our hearts to give the file to you.This application allows you to edit music or mp3 files with the help of a software that is cool edit pro. This software is a music editing tool is pretty good in my opinion, for a variety of features provided. Can be used for beginner level and that has been advanced. Since I am also not very proficient in the field of music editing, so I just used to the easy-easy.Editing mp3 music or that I give here as I wrote above that it's easy just to do the cutting and merging is a song or mp3. Perform editing functions here in between if we want to make a combination of music from some of the songs are put together, such as for backsound filmmaking, slide presentations, or to dance which often requires a few songs. It could be to create a ringtone from music, to be in accordance with the part that we want it to be cut first.Actual function of a given software cool edit pro this very much and if you can make use of it could be a very powerful tool. Various effects and configuration mixing is also provided in this software.But before you run this program, it helps us to present some information that supports the convenience of its use as follows:

Quick Screen Capture 3.0.2 full serial

This software is very useful to pick up the pieces of an image that will be used as a tutorial. Of course the tutorial will be more easily understood when accompanied by an image reader. It works like a camera ready to snap with a click in accordance with the selection of the area you want. If you only want to use this software for other needs can be. For example it easier just to take some pictures of your desktop, it can be. Not necessarily just to make a tutorial with pictures.